Vapetasia Killer Kustard 100ml RTV E-Liquid


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Killer Kustard Honeydew

Killer Kustard has a new flavour that is unlike any other. This honeydew custard flavour is something that you'll never be able to put down. Killer Kustard Honeydewtakes the taste of custard, honeydew and a hint of vanilla to make your entire day!


Killer Kustard

Award-winning Killer Kustard is globally known for its unmatched vanilla custard flavor. Fair warning, this one is hard to put down!


Killer Kustard Lemon

Killer Kustard has been kicked up a notch when Lethal Lemon joined the team to take on any all day vaping needs. When tangy citrus smashes with our signature creamy vanilla custard stirred together, it makes a lively flavor that is sure to get you hooked.


Killer Kustard Strawberry

Treat yourself to the taste of freshly picked strawberries at its peak sweetness with this perfect blend of juicy strawberries and rich vanilla custard.


Blackberry Lemonade

Vapetasia ™s Blackberry Lemonade is a lively blend of sweet blackberries and tangy lemons. A winning combination that creates a delicious, refreshing, and unique lemonade flavor profile


Pink Lemonade

Vapetasia ™s Pink Lemonade is a perfect blend of traditional lemonade with sweet, fresh raspberries. A refreshing lemonade ejuice flavor that hits the spot on those hot summer days.


Milk of the Poppy

Milk Of The Poppy is a smooth mixture of strawberries and dragon fruit covered in sweet cream. The inhale will be a magical journey to strawberry land. The exhale will be a tongue magic carpet ride to dragon fruit cream land


Pineapple Express

A relaxing tropical trip with a big ripe juicy pineapple taste cruising with our trademark creaminess


Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is a fruity fruit cereal that has been steeping in milk, but not long enough to get all soggy. The inhale will be a fruity cereal delight. The exhale will be a milky cream dream


Killer Kustard Blueberry

Crazy for the Killer Kustard Blueberry. Enjoy a pinch of ripe blueberry
sweetness, complemented by our rich vanilla custard.


Blueberry Parfait

Delicious blueberries and whipped sweet cream yogurt layered with honey kissed granola clusters


Strawberry Parfait

Parfait Strawberry delivers the deliciousness of fresh cut strawberries and honey granola clusters layered with sweet and creamy yogurt



Royalty II

Hints of rich custard, sweet hazelnuts, and creamy vanilla forged boldly with a mild tobacco flavor. Our Royalty II Gourmet E-Liquid is an exceptional flavor and favored above all others in our lineup.