POP! Vapors

POP! Vapors E-Liquid 100mL RTV

Dream Tart

This dreamy sweet and playfully tart candy will have you feeling like a kid... In a candy store!


Pink Burst

A sudden POP! of strawberry candy leaves you daydreaming of summer sun, even on the coldest winter days!



Sweet and sour candy dances on your tongue! It's like a party in your mouth and all the ravers are invited!!


Strawberry Kiwi

The sweetness of strawberries and tartness of kiwi is an absolute must for fruit lovers! A true classic, but with a POP! twist!


Sweet Mint

Tastes sweet and produces a cool effect that lingers on the tongue. 

Who needs chewing gum when you've the refreshing hit of POP!'s Sweet Mint!


Big Apple

Take a bite out of these apples! This fresh, sweet and crisp apple flavour will keep those pesky doctors away all day!



 Candy sweet peach flavour keeps you feeling peachy all day long!


Juicy Mango Strawberry

Did you know that mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world? POP! this juicy mango and strawberry baby into your device for a lush, summery flavor


Strawberry Watermelon

Two staples for every fruit salad! Strawberry and watermelon is so sweet and delectable. You'll never be spitting out watermelon seeds again!


Blue Raspberry

Sweet like candy but without the cavities! Enjoy your blue-raspberry-childhood-dreams with this juice all day!