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White Brass

Thecall to the void ™ , that sudden inexplicable impulse to jump when in a high place or standing on a high ledge.

The Brizo Mod with etching by Broadside Mods is a 21700 battery compatible from Broadside Mods. With a wide diameter of 25mm and a hybrid design, the silver plated copper contacts ensure a strong hit each fire! No springs, no contacts - a revolutionary firing mechanism.


Hybrid 510 Connection
Ergonomic Body Design
21700 (battery feeds positive down towards the button and negative up towards the atomiser)
Silver Plated Copper Contacts (adjust for connectivity and gap fixtures)
Two-Point Clutch Firing System
Lockable Side Firing Button (extend fully to contact with firing system)


    Brizo Mod Case
    Brizo Mod
    Card of Authenticity


    Samsung 30T 21700 Battery

    QP Design Fatality M25 

    Mister Devices Pre-wrapped Coils


    Coil Master V3 Tool Kit 

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