Gyrfalcon - All-40 Charger with USB Cable & Car Charger

The new All-40 USB 4 Bay charger will handle all your lithium ion battery sizes!

From the 10340 to the 26650. If your vape takes it, this baby can charge it!

Your standard 18650 cells are supported, and  it'll even fit your 21700's and 20700 batteries. Four of them. At the same time. Yes, you read that right! You don't even need to space your cells out or charge one at a time, the cell bay is designed to comfortably fit even the largest batteries with no trouble.

Equipped with all the features of a mains powered chargers yet works off a single USB input. Fortunately, Gryfalcon have included a high current USB cable. They've even included a handy car plug so you can charge while you're on the go!