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Blood Orange

 Tangy citrus blended with sweet tangerine bringing you a undeniably refreshing all day vape.


Red Skins

A sweet candied raspberry accompanied by subtle undertones of delicate cream.


Killer Custard

 A vanilla custard whipped to perfection, with a rich mildly sweet creamy blend this custard will have you coming back for more every time.


Guava Passion

Entice your taste-buds with this exotic blend of guava, passionfruit and just a hint of orange. A perfect selection for those hot summer days, a well balanced refreshing all day vape.



Take it back right to the basic, this is a classic you can't forget. A freshly baked light and fluffy cinnamon doughnut.



Get ready for a favourite, a sweet cinnamon bun with a light cream cheese glaze...with none of the calories, now that's a treat I am dying for!


Chokky Milk

An absolute old school classic, with a nice cold glass of chocky milk, or maybe you preferred it straight from the carton, either way I am in heaven.


Choc Glazed

Don't worry about the calories with this one, kick back and enjoy a fresh choc glazed doghnut.


Blue Razz Slushie

Your favourite blue razz candy brought to you in the form of a cool refreshing slushie.


Berry Slushie

A delicate and refreshing mix of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry, perfect for a all day vape.