Nimbus Vapour

Nimbus Vapour E-Liquid

Apricot Delight
Ripe and dried apricot, candied coconut, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.


Bubba Gump Grape
Sweet, sour, and grape-y Hubba Bubba bubblegum.


Carmen Miranda
A balanced mix of berries and tropical fruits with a creamy sweetness.


Coffee Cake
A blend of espresso, spongecake, vanilla, and 2 sugars.


Custard Tart
A baked vanilla custard base, sweet pastry, and rich toffee notes.


Eton Mess
Ripe strawberries, whipped cream, sweet meringue, and strawberry syrup.


Iced Vovo
A raspberry jam, pink marshmallow, sweet cookie, and toasted coconut combination.


Jam Dizzle
A sugary cinnamon doughnut with the sweetness of strawberry jam.


Mint Slice
Chocolate-y, biscuit goodness with a hit of refreshing peppermint.


Spider Sauce
A combination of red soda and creamy vanilla ice cream.


Sticky Date Pudding
Super sweet spongecake in rich and creamy butterscotch, topped with ripe dried fruits and icing sugar.


The Badboy
A ruby red grapefruit, pineapple juice, gin, and fresh mint cocktail.


The Bounty
Sweetened coconut with a hit of hazelnut milk chocolate.


The Cobbler
Baked apple, crusty pastry, vanilla custard, and a touch of cinnamon.


The Pav
Fluffy and creamy meringue with the classic combination of strawberry, passion fruit, and juicy kiwi fruit.


Tubbs ADV
A perfect balance of mint varieties with a light caramel sweetness.




70PG/30VG Ratio