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The Framed Alien (Fraliens) has become a hit in the Australian Vaping Community, and for good reason! Sensational all around performer. The Aussie Coil Fralien is a great option for anybody whether you are a "flavor chaser" or all about those clouds!

Aussie Coils - Framed Aliens - Fraliens
  • *2 28g n80 cores 
  • *6 .3 N80
  • 38g N80 wrap 
  • Single coil resistance 0.22 Ohms (Appx)
  • 5 Wrap on a 3mm ID
  • 1 Set = 2 Coils


MTL Fused Clapton Coils are designed to work great with all of the Mouth-To-Lung rebuildable devices on the market. Carefully made, tight outer wraps and producing great flavour. Perfect for your Boost RBA, Jester, DotAIO.

  • Optimized for MTL style vaporisers
  • For regulated devices
  • Fast ramp up and cool down time
  • Long lasting
  • For experienced users
  • Not suitable for temperature control
x2 30g N80 wrapped with 40g N80 on a 2.5mm ID

Single Coils Resistance

7 Wrap = .85ohm (Appx) 

6 Wrap = .70ohm (Appx)

5 Wrap = .50ohm (Appx)

    The Aussie Coil MTL comes as a full 7 wrap. Just adjust coil to the ohms you require.


    Fused Clapton, are a high performance coil. Each coil  is hand made in Australia by @aussie_coils with the highest standard. The Fused Clapton will produce great flavor and cloud production to satisfy you. 
    • 2x28 gauge SS cores 
    • 36g N80 fuse
    • 2.5mm ID
    • 6 Wrap 
    • Single coil resistance 0.36 Ohms (Appx)
    • Dual coil resistance 0.18 Ohms (Appx)
    • 1 Set = 2 Coils




    The Staggered Fused Clapton are great for anyone wanting to step up from the standard Clapton. The Staggered Fused Clapton (SFC)  has a faster ramp up time adding a layer of flavor and warmth to your vaping experience.
    Dual core Staggered Fused Claptons 
    • 2x28 gauge SS cores 
    • 3.0mm ID
    • 36g N80 fuse 
    • Single coil resistance 0.26 Ohms (Appx)
    • Dual coil resistance 0.13 Ohms (Appx)
    • 1 Set = 2 Coils

    3 Core Aliens Set of x2 Coils

    The Alien Coil is the most popular coil among the vaping community, and for good reason! It is a fantastic all around performer with beautiful aesthetics. The Alien coil is a great option for anybody whether you are the "flavor chaser" or you are all about the clouds! The perfect option to just pop in your favorite RDA or RDTA!  Super easy to install and use! All Aussie Coils are hand made in Australia, you can't go past our range for quality and price.
    3 Core Aliens 
    • 3x28g SS cores 
    • 36g Ni80 fuse 
    • Single coil resistance 0.24 Ohms (Appx)
    • Dual coil resistance 0.12 Ohms (Appx)
    • 1 Set = 2 Coils



    Serial Killers for the Series Mech's


    These coils are BIG! 8 wraps on a 3.5mm ID. If you are looking for a great series build look no further! If you want tons of surface area and incredible flavor, this is it! If you want coils that fill up ya deck space you need to grab some of these now!.

    3 Core Series Aliens 

    • 3x28g Kanthal Cores 
    • 36g N90 fuse 
    • Single coil resistance 0.60 Ohms (Appx)
    • 8 Wrap on a 3.5mm ID
    • 1 Set = 2 Coils