How to Use a Mesh Coil: Simple Guide for Beginners

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When you look at the different e-liquid delivery systems that are available for high-end vaping devices today, you’llsee an enormous variety of niches within niches. You’ve got large sub-ohm tanks and smallermouth-to-lung tanks. You’ve gotatomizers with rebuildable decks, and among those,there are rebuildable tanks, rebuildable dripping atomizers and products that combine the features ofboth. It’s sometimesdifficult to keep it all straight in your mind, and that leads some people to stop reading about new vaping products entirely and just stick with what they have.

Buying Guide: What You Need to Use a Mesh Coil RDA

If you’re open to the idea ofupgrading your vaping experience but have reached the point of paralysis when it comes toidentifying the new hardware that will work for your needs, this guide is for you. Mesh coilrebuildable atomizers are some of the hottest products in vaping these days. Experienced coil builders are loving the performance of these atomizers. They’re also extremely easy to use, which means that a mesh coil RDA is absolutely worth considering even ifyou’ve never been particularly interested in coil building due to the complexity involved.

So, why are mesh coil RDAs such a big deal?First, let’s learn more about why mesh coils should interest you in the first place.

What Are the Benefits of Mesh Coils?

To understand what makes mesh coil RDAs so great, you must first understand why mesh coils are so much better than the traditional wound coils you’re probably using now.Although wound coils have served vapers well for many years,theycanbecome problematicin configurations designed for serious cloud chasing.

Are you usinga tank or RDA with a cloud chasing coil? If you are, it’s likely that you deal with problems relating to heat, popping, spitting andpoor battery life. That’s because, if you want to chase clouds with a wound coil, you’re dealing with a coil that has a lot of mass.A mesh coil, on the other hand, hasa large heating surface spread out over a much greater area.

If you like big clouds, these are the benefits that you’ll experience if you switch from a wound coil to a mesh coil.

Quieter vaping with significantly reduced popping and spitting
Instant vapour production when you press your mod’s fire button
Cooler operation because mesh coilsdissipate heat quickly
Better battery life because mesh coils operate efficiently at much lower wattagescompared to wound coils
Great vapour volume and flavourwith much lower wattage requirements than high-end wound coils

WhyShould You Use a Mesh Coil RDARather Than Pre-Built Mesh Coils?

Here’s the thing that you might be wondering at this point:If mesh coils are so great, why wouldn’t you just buy asub-ohm tank with pre-built mesh coils rather than using a mesh coil RDA?Installing a pre-built coil, after all, is much easierthank building a coil from scratch.

A mesh coil RDA, however, has two major benefits comparedto traditional RDAs and tanks with pre-built coils.

A mesh strip is pre-made and ready to install in an RDA. There’s no need towindthecoil, and that eliminates a large portionof the work that coil building normally requires.Using a mesh coil RDA requires much less effort than you might imagine.
Using any type of rebuildable atomizer is significantly less expensive thanusing a tank with pre-made coils.Thecostreally matters ifyou’re a fan of sweetened e-liquids, becausesucralose is horrible for coil life.

Using a Mesh Coil RDA: Quick-Start Guide

We carry theWototo Profile 1.5 here at Ivanna Vape.We think it’s the best mesh coil RDA presently on the market for a few key reasons.

It works with virtually all mods, includingsquonkers.
It’s designed from the ground up for easy use.You can definitely handle it – even if you’ve never built coils before.
The spring-loaded wick support prevents the cotton from sagging and ensures that you won’t experience dry hits.
It’s flexible in terms of airflow and supports mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung inhaling.
Itincludes three different types of mesh strips, allowing you to completely customize your vaping experience.

Although these instructions refer specifically to the Profile 1.5, you’ll find thatmost other mesh coil RDAs work in much the same way. Let’s walk you through building your first mesh coil!

Centre the mesh stripover the thick end of the coil bending tool and push down to bend the strip into a gentle curve.The Profile 1.5 bending tool bends the strip into a curve that perfectly fits the RDA’s mounting slots.
Slide the ends of the mesh strip into the mounting slots. Tighten the clamps with a screwdriver.
Set your mod to a low power level – about 15-20 watts – andpulse the fire button until the mesh strip begins to glow a dull orange. If the coil doesn’t glow evenly, adjust it with the narrow end of the coil bending tool.
Insert the cotton into the opening beneath the mesh strip.We suggest theVapefly Firebolt cotton for this purpose because the aglet makes it easy toinsert the cotton into the narrow opening, but you can use any cotton you like. You should use enough cottonthat inserting it into the opening is a little difficult – but don’t use so much cotton that you have to deform the coil to pull the cotton through.
Trim the wick with a pair of sharp scissors.Cut at a slight angle; there should be a bit more cotton at the bottom of the wick than at the top.
Fluff the ends of the cotton with a pair of tweezers.
Tuck the ends of the cotton into the well at the base of the RDA.
Wet the cotton with e-liquid until it is thoroughly saturated.
Place the mouthpiece on the RDA and vape!

When you use a newly built coil,set your device to a low wattage level and ramp it up after you confirm that the coil works properly.A mesh coil is extremely efficient, and it’ll deplete the e-liquid in the wick quickly.Don’t forget to keep the wick wet by adding e-liquid periodically.

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