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This article is an attempt to assess the safety profile of vaping in a fair and balanced way.Vaping is not safe in absolute terms, but the general scientific consensus seems to be thatif you’re going to use nicotine either way, it is far better to vape than to continue smoking cigarettes.In this article, we’ll point out some of the latest research findings on vapingand address afew potential safety concerns that exist outside the act of vaping itself.

Brian Marlow from Leagalise Vaping in Australia has sent emails today reminding us the there is still more to do before the laws change to restrict personal importation of liquid nicotine in
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It’s a question many Australian Vapers have crawled the web for looking to find replacement coils for an older style tank they love to vape or perhaps a cracked glass tube or broken atty and a hoarded stash of coils to pair with an upgrade SubOhm Tank.

Comment below other combinations.

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